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Kevin's First Flight is my first children's book. I wanted to create something unique and there are very few storybooks for children that have a cardinal as the main character. I decided to use a cardinal as the central character and write a children’s story because of the positivity and strength the cardinal represents.

Growing up in the Midwest, I reflected back to those cold January and February days when the sight of a cardinal’s bright red feathers brought a jolt of happiness. I thought to myself that most people can relate to that feeling and experience and so I decided to create a character based on that. 

Fun rhymes, delightful drawings, and beautiful watercolor illustrations tell the story of Kevin’s First Flight.  I hope you enjoy. 


Lindsay Cocquit


Lindsay is an artist who was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa. She went to Monmouth College and double majored in art and education.

Lindsay currently teaches high school art in Peoria, Illinois. In her free time, she has been working with Art at the Bodega. 

It is fair to say, when Lindsay's not teaching art, she’s creating it.

Her watercolor illustrations and page drawings make Kevin’s First Flight come to life. This is also he debut children's book. 

Art and Arrow is Lindsay's Etsy shop full of handmade art, gifts, and home decor.

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